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Would you like your group to be introduced to, and inspired by, the wealth of benefits that physical activity offers, and that can enrich the lives of people living with and beyond cancer?

Layne Hamerston is an uplifting and motivational speaker who has been instumental in the development of award winning Living Well programmes since 2000. From 2009, Layne has focused his energies  on developing opportunities for living well with cancer resulting in hundreds of people enjoying greater health, fitness and wellbeing.

Layne offers free and informative talks ranging from 15 to 60 minutes for groups numbering 10 to 500* 

  • Cancer Charities
  • Cancer Support Groups
  • Hospitals (Patients and Staff) 
  • GP Practices (Patients and Staff)
  • Health / Physical Activity Conferences
  • Community Health Promotion Events

The talks can include the following:

  • Understanding the wealth of benefits, physical activity can offer people living with and without cancer
  • Real and inspirational stories about real people who have experienced new vitality in their lives.
  • Simple steps to creating a health promoting active lifestyle meaningful to you.
  • Information about resources and services that can help you on your way...and well.
  • Free Move More Feel Good Manual and free subscription to Living Well Active Opportunities.

Layne can offer the talks as part of your regular group meeting, as a talk in its own right at your venue or we can arrange a venue if possible.

If you are interested in a Living Well Active talk for your group, then please Get in Touch and Layne will contact you soon to chat through what you would like in more detail.

* Dependant on location and facilities 



" Layne has worked with us since July 2012, and the impact he has had on our clients within that time is incomparable. A large proportion of our clients struggle with the thought of returning to regular exercise following treatment due to various reasons, and he has a wonderful natural ability for breaking down mental barriers and changing perceptions very rapidly. For those hard-to-reach people who may really benefit from a healthier lifestyle but don’t feel able or inspired to make the first step alone, the talk  can, and does have a powerful impact."


"Nevertheless, an inspiring and well delivered talk alone is simply not enough to deliver the necessary message to our clients. A huge degree of compassion, empathy and awareness of how varied and exhausting the breast cancer treatment pathway is crucial to understanding where the clients are, and again, Layne, delivers on all accounts.


"Some clients do in fact already know about Layne prior coming on the course, and I find that it is these clients that become advocates within the four weeks, encouraging others to try something that’s of interest. It’s also not uncommon for some of our volunteers or past clients to become involved in his work following our course, or support his events, and this creates a wonderful joined up and trustworthy network of support in Dorset." 

"To ilustrate just how invaluable his work is to our courses alone, I’d like to share a few quotes from our clients .

In response to the question which session did you enjoy the most and why, clients responded:

  •  I really enjoyed the diet/exercise session. It was practical and motivating but also on a theme I have always found interesting.
  • The best session for me was the fitness and wellbeing one with Layne. Very well delivered and very interesting.
  • Layne’s fatigue and exercise session made me normal to feel tired etc and also that there is a lot I can do as I am naturally a fairly active person"

"Layne’s session is always a firm favourite with some individuals on every course and it is for this reason that we’re so thankful to have him. He’s a delightful person to work with, inspiring and wonderful at what he does."


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